Shelling beans: SAIS proposals

SAIS is able to supply a varied range of shelling beans, characterized by dwarf and climbing varieties.

We can guarantee high agronomical, health and organoleptic characteristics.


Fiorino is a dwarf variety with long and straight pod (cm 15-16), with bright red speckles and round grain with round ground and and red bright speckles. Good productivity and pretty good concentrated podset.



Eracle is a dwarf variety. It is distinguishable from its mid-early maturity, a slightly arched pod, white with bright dark red stripes. Kidney seed, white with dep pink speckled. High yielding and good concentrated podset.



Grecale is a dwarf variety, with a long and straight pod (cm. 15-16), very attractive. Kidney seed



Montalbano is a dwarf variety, “Lingot suisse” type, with synchronous ripening and high yielding. The seed is white, with an elongated elliptical section and a pod 11-12 cm long, light green coloure, that become creamy white when it is maturing to the waxy stage.


Pegasus is a climbing variety, with aslightly arched pod (cm 18 long), bright red stripes on a white cream ground. Kidney seeds, white and pale tobacco speckled.