Friday, 17 February 2017
VIOLINA is traditional italian squash appreciated for the quality of the pulp and the shelf-lif[...]
Tuesday, 10 November 2015
SAIS, company leader in the Italian basil market, is always searching for innovations to improv[...]
Sunday, 28 June 2015
The harvest of broad bean for seed production is ending. Among our proposal the variety CAST[...]
Monday, 11 May 2015
The harvest for bunching onions has started in South of Italy. The onion Tropea rossa has bee[...]
Monday, 13 April 2015
Wide range suited to be cultivated in different conditions. Multi purpose. VERDE A COSTA LARGA[...]
Friday, 30 January 2015
Market segmentation and innovation identify the SAIS selection of dwarf beans for shelling. Di[...]