Climbing bean

SAIS offers for the professional line dedicated to Nursery a wide choice of varieties of climbing bean pod flat.


In Italy the use of legumes is growing, thanks to the idea of health and well-being that accompany these products.

Today we talk about our proposals of climbing bean with flat pod. The varieties in the catalogue are three: Ancares, Kaimano and Kaimano.

Ancares and Kaimano are two varieties with resistance to the bean mosaic virus. They are both suitable for cultivation both in greenhouses and in open fields, with a vigorous plant.

Ancares has a green pod , flat straight, 20/24 cm long and 2/2.5 cm wide. The colour is bright and the surface smooth.

Kaimano has a soft yellow pod, 20/22 cm long. The coloration s bright and the surface smooth. The plant also has a good resistance to the fall of the flowers.

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Climbing bean