SAIS Red Tropea Onion Record in Pakistan

Round Red Tropea Onion Record is one of the many spearheads of the SAIS offer related to the crops of the mediterranean tradition. In Pakistan SAIS, for about ten years, has established an important partnership with CH. Ahmed Din&sons, seed distributor located in Gujranwala, Punjab region. A strong and growing partnership, of which Tropea Onion is an important pivot. We interviewed Habib Ullah, managing director of the company.






Mr. Saleem, owner of the company


Mr. Ullah, thank you for the opportunity and for the partnership relationship with SAIS Sementi.

Thanks to you, it is a pleasure to be able to develop new business opportunities with SAIS here in Pakistan, where agriculture and its products are growing at a good level of importance, with a great trust for the future.


Mr. Ullah, managing director of the company


A key point of our cooperation is the supply to CH. Ahmed of the Red Tropea Onion Record. First of all, which customers do you provide?

We provide a small group of selected customers in a well-defined area. There are 7 distributors that in turn supply farmers. We follow our customers from the testing phase to growing, supporting them step by step until the harvest.


What are the main characteristics that you appreciate in the Tropea Onion Record?

First of all, the earliness of this short-day variety, suitable for our climate and our territory. We transplant at the end of October and we harvest from the mid of April. Secondly, the vitality of the plant, the leaf and its ability to adapt to multiple situations. Finally, last but not least, the good productivity and both visual and organoleptic characteristics, in particular the large, round bulb and a very sweet taste.




This species of Mediterranean tradition finds more and more appeal.

Yes, it is suitable for fresh consumption. Also here in Pakistan, as well as in the whole Mediterranean area, it is much used in cooking. As you can see, we are far but close, but it is nice to be able to think of this kind of bridge between us and the Mediterranean. Faraway, so close!