SAIS Cultivated Rocket: our proposals


Sais produces and offers from various years a varied range of cultivated rockets.


The first is the Cultivated Rocket a Foglia Lobata  (Eruca Vesicaria), good re-growth plant, with a good taste, medium spicy. It shows dark green leaves, smooth and deeply lobed, slightly indented at the edges.




We continue with the variety Erecta, annual plant with erect habit and a good tolerance to bolting. The leaves are dark green coloured, hairless with highly indented leaf blade, with a good taste and lighlty bitter.




With a very vigorous plant, we show our rocket Megane, variety with thick and dark coloured leaves.





Finally, we show rocket Darkita, very fast growing variety with good regrowth attitude. It has dark green leaves, elongated and indented. Medium aromatic and mid spicy variety.



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